EBE Inc. which develops global services also provides stock indexes of each country as trading products. Indexes that traders pay attention to such as Nikkei Average, NY Dow-Jones average, S&P and DAX can be used at the EBE platform.

We currently provide 11 kinds of stocks of main countries in the world.

You can use stock indexes such as Nikkei Average, NY Dow-Jones average, S&P and DAX at a competitive price.


High leverage

EBE provides trading of stock indexes at a necessary deposit of 1% (leverage 100-hold). You can start trading with small amount of money when dealing with stock indexes as well. Also, loss of more than the account balance is not generated because we’ve introduced negative balance protection system.

Work with economic condition

A stock index is something that quantifies a selected stock price of each country in a certain calculation method. Because it is the stock price average of the country, you can capture the trend against the background of the business condition, economy and world situation.

Free commission

EBE provides stock indexes of each country without transaction fees. You will feel safe to use it because there is not hidden cost but only spread.

Trading is possible at MT4

You can trade all stock indexes of each country at only one platform: MT4. An indicator along with MT4 and trading via EA is also possible.


A broker who leads the industry

The goal that EBE Inc. is aiming at is to provide a trading experience that active traders of each country have never experienced in other places. EBE Inc. also hopes to support all customer traders, from beginners to the experienced, by providing the best trading environment in the industry. It only provides STP and ECN in order to sustain a highly-transparent and fair-trading environment. EBE Inc. will continue to advance with the motto of providing better trading environment.

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