Online FX trading is a product that you can trade anytime, 24 hours a day on weekdays. While the world situation rapidly changes every day and currencies of countries around the world repeatedly appreciate and depreciate in value, traders find a chance to trade. EBE provides from major currencies to miner and exotic ones at a competitive price.

We provide a total of 45 currency pairs at a competitive price!

We have various selection of currency pairs: major currencies, minor and exotic currencies.


High leverage

You can start trading with small amount of money relatively easily because trading is possible at up to 500-hold leverage. Some may be worried because the leverage is large, but loss of more than the account balance is not generated because we’ve introduced negative balance protection system.

24-hour trading on weekday is

Unlike stocks and others, foreign exchange trading is possible anytime, 24 hours a day on weekdays. This enables you to trade according to your schedules or in your spare time even if you’re a busy person.

High mobility and stability

According to the report published by Bank for International Settlements in April 2013, the turnover of foreign exchange trading markets was about 5.4 trillion yen a day. The backbone of the high mobility enables you to make stable trading.

A market with volatility

Because foreign exchange is composed of currencies of each country, a market’s volatility rises with a country’s news, announcement of indicators, comments from important persons and others. A market with high volatility is the best condition for a trader with all the more trading opportunities.


A broker who leads the industry

The goal that EBE Inc. is aiming at is to provide a trading experience that active traders of each country have never experienced in other places. EBE Inc. also hopes to support all customer traders, from beginners to the experienced, by providing the best trading environment in the industry. It only provides STP and ECN in order to sustain a highly-transparent and fair-trading environment. EBE Inc. will continue to advance with the motto of providing better trading environment.

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