Commodity refers to products such as corns, wheat, gold, silver and crude oil. You can trade such raw materials at EBE’s MT4 platform without actual direct trading. Prices of commodity products fluctuated largely and they were traded actively in the past as well. Some products are said to have correlation with currencies.

We provide four products that global traders pay attentions to among commodities.

You can trade WTI crude oil, blend crude oil, gold and silver at a competitive price. We hope you add commodity trading into trading products and diversify your portfolio.


Negative balance protection

EBE has introduced negative balance protection system even for commodity products like other products. Therefore, you can feel safe to trade without worrying about margin call etc.

High leverage

You can trade commodity products such as gold, silver and crude oil with leverage working. So, you can start trading of something that usually requires large capital with small amount of money


A broker who leads the industry

The goal that EBE Inc. is aiming at is to provide a trading experience that active traders of each country have never experienced in other places. EBE Inc. also hopes to support all customer traders, from beginners to the experienced, by providing the best trading environment in the industry. It only provides STP and ECN in order to sustain a highly-transparent and fair-trading environment. EBE Inc. will continue to advance with the motto of providing better trading environment.

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